LOM on SUN ultra 10

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Operating Systems Solaris LOM on SUN ultra 10
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Old 10-09-2008
LOM on SUN ultra 10

Hi experts

is it possible to install lom on sun ultra 10 box?

can you guys help me in undertanding lom as i tried goggling , couldn't get good stuff.

Please Smilie

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Old 10-09-2008
no! but you can use a terminalserver to get serial access over network. the ultra 10 is a workstation and not a server. only sun server have rsc/lom/sc cards installed.

something like this:
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Old 10-09-2008
Thanks Dear,

can i get some more detail or may be nay good link know to u guys, was trying to access the same on sun and its asking for support contract.
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Old 10-09-2008
Originally Posted by kumarmani
Thanks Dear,

can i get some more detail or may be nay good link know to u guys, was trying to access the same on sun and its asking for support contract.
a link for what?
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Old 10-09-2008
Brow, i mean link to any document on lom
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Old 10-09-2008
something like this:
C H A P T E R 3 - Sun Advanced Lights Out Manager

and please stop using slang like "u" and "brow". this is against the rules of unix.com!
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Old 10-09-2008
sorry i wont use , and thanks for the link
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