Start Up Services?

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Start Up Services?

Solaris uses a few different mechanisms to start up services and processes at boot time. Where do all the running processes come from? Can you find from where they were started?
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I'd recommend consulting your course material.
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sounds like a homework question.

if not, what is this in reference to?
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hi gc40,

no offense, but i think that is a very BIG lines.

and for the system service part : try read svcadm on BigAdmin.

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Originally Posted by stdout
hi gc40,

no offense, but i think that is a very BIG lines.

and for the system service part : try read svcadm on BigAdmin.

And thats for Solaris 10 Smilie
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not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but its something thats helped me in the past.

Identifying the Phases of the Boot Process | Learning solaris 10
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@ incredible

And thats for Solaris 10
and what do you suggest?
this way - you are not helping the OP at all.

no offense.
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