Can't open netscape web-browser

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Operating Systems Solaris Can't open netscape web-browser
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Old 09-17-2008
Can't open netscape web-browser

I am working in solaris 9 and i want to work with web-browser(netscape).
but when I am openning it,it shows the message --

An error occurred reading the startup configuration file.Please contact ur administrator./.netscape/preferences.js,line 66:unterminated string literal.t,

please tell me what is problem and how can i resolve it..

Thanks in advance Smilie
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Old 09-18-2008
The error message sounds like line 66 of your preferences.js contains a string missing a closing quote. Did you check for that already?
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Old 09-18-2008
yes era,you was right.I had done that.

After doing that,when I am giving the web-site name in trying to connect that but not able to connect(Connect:Host Google connected,waiting for reply..) but after that It is giving the error-

A network error occurred while netscape was receiving data.(Network error:connection reset by peer)
Try connecting again.

what is mean by network error and how can i solve it ??

Thanks in advance for replying...
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Old 09-25-2008
If you are using proxy server enter ip of ur proxy in the proxy setting.

if it is dirctly connected to public Network then check DNS IP & NSLOOKUPSmilie
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