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How to check disk broken

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Operating Systems Solaris How to check disk broken
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How to check disk broken

Dear all,

I have system that have 2 disk, and 1 off disk is broken, how can I check if the disk is broken or other problem.
I'm using Solaris 10 x86.

Thank you,

Best Regards,

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If you have a contract with Sun, open a fault and send them an explorer.
If not, you can use the format command to test the disk. Run format, select the disk in question (if it doesn't show up then you know you have a controller failure or a disk failure - if you can see another disk on the same controller - probably a disk failure), the select analyze, read only test.

You can also check for errors in /var/adm/messages
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please post the output of iostat -En, format, uname -a, df -k, grep -i warn /var/adm/messages
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you can also, do the following to see if you get any errors:
dd if=/dev/<device> of=/dev/null

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Thank you Smiling Dragon,incredible and pupp.
We have contract with SUN and after contact to SUN we have some script for see the problem:
0     2       N/A   N/A    NONE   BAD        FUJITSU MAW3073NCSUN72G  1703

My hardisk is broken and need replaced.

Thank you,



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