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Help, my printers have disappeared

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Operating Systems Solaris Help, my printers have disappeared
# 1  
Help, my printers have disappeared

Hi all

I have a really strange situation. This morning I ran lpstat -p and it didn't return any results. I ran lpstat -t and the scheduler is running.

How strange, it seems all the printers have disappeared from my server.

Can anyone perhaps explain to me how this is possible?
# 2  
lpsched -v

Print and post what the log file says.. (/var/adm/lp/log)
possible of permission issue with any directories...?Smilie
# 3  
I've stopped and started lpsched, but the problem persists.

If I do a lpstat -p <printername> it does actually display the printer details. I'm also able to print to the printers.

Since the 16th of July the following message started appearing in /var/lp/logs/lpsched. I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem.

07/16 15:56:30: printer fault. type: write root, status: 14
msg: (exec exit fault)
07/16 15:57:31: printer fault. type: write root, status: 14
msg: (exec exit fault)
07/16 15:58:32: printer fault. type: write root, status: 14
msg: (exec exit fault)
07/16 15:59:33: printer fault. type: write root, status: 14
msg: (exec exit fault)
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First solution
1. check if lpsched is running
2. Yes lpshut, then lpsched
3. run lpsched

Second solution:
/etc/init.d/lp stop/start

Also, you may need :
enable lptrad
accept lptrad

Third solution:
kill -9 pid_lpshed
cd /var/spool/lp
rm -r tmp/*
rm -r requests/*
# 5  
The write root message is telling you that it is instructed that the LP print service to set a default policy of writing root - sending the printer fault messages to the terminal on which root is logged in .eg if the printer fails. This may help to get quick notification of faults as user tries to fix the problem.Smilie

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