What is system panic?

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Operating Systems Solaris What is system panic?
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What is system panic?

Hello experts..

What is system panic? If a system is in that state.. what will happen?

Why is it goes to panic condition?

Just give me information about Panic condition.. How can i resolve this issue..?

If you know any links(URL) or Books...? replay me back....

Thanks in advance....
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first of all the course of system panic can nearly "everything".
SW Error : CPU outage :defect memory: problems with disksuite(mirroring) etc.


If you try to find the error please post first the /var/adm/messages.
prtdiag -v is also one of the first points.
An log of the console?

If you are able to post this I am able to support you.

If not (system is not able to start with OS?) you can try several OBP commands

Br Joerg
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Thanks man..
You have given me good information...

What is software error and what is hardware error in "iostat" command output..?

I have got two hard disks. One hard disk contains bad sectors.. I have implemented root mirror on that machine.. It has shown some messages on console and when i used "metastat" command it shown that "needs maintenance" state for one submirror.. Was it panic condition regarding disk operation?

Any documentation about that errors (panic )? Just send me a link...

Thanks a lot...Smilie

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Thank you very much..

For Disk errors....?
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s/w errors are not disk errors. If HDD needs replacement, you will know by lookingat the iostat -En output. Hard Errors and Transport Errors can tell you if your disk is gone bad. Soft errors are not critical and the counter can be resetted via a reboot. But hard errors will be incrementing if its really critical
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