SE 3510 Battery Issue

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Operating Systems Solaris SE 3510 Battery Issue
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Old 07-04-2008
Error SE 3510 Battery Issue

Hi everyone,
I changed the batteries on 29-Jun-2008 for the storedges.
But received error messages from the server today,I used the "-u" option to update the service date information but it syntaticaly fails. Why?

Jul 4 12:00:03 auriga SUNWscsdServer[740]: [ID 254836 daemon.error] [SUNWscsd 0x03060409:0x03000000 Informational] <rctrl8001> The battery on (Ch:3,Id:12) is expired on Fri Jul 4 12:00:00 2008 . Please install a new battery. Battery Information is (0x01, 0x44716F80, 0x44AA9080, 0x486DA040). {Unique ID#: 0819ed}
# sccli
Available devices:

1. /dev/rdsk/c8t600C0FF000000000081985313BA09D00d0s2 [SUN StorEdge 3510 SN#081985] (Primary)
2. /dev/rdsk/c8t600C0FF0000000000819ED186A334200d0s2 [SUN StorEdge 3510 SN#0819ED] (Primary)

Please enter selection: 2
sccli> show battery-status
Upper Battery Type: 1
Upper Battery Manufacturing Date: Sat Jun 30 08:00:00 2007
Upper Battery Placed In Service: Sun Oct 28 08:08:36 2007
Upper Battery Expiration Date: Tue Oct 27 08:08:36 2009
Upper Battery Status: good

Lower Battery Type: 1
Lower Battery Manufacturing Date: Sun Apr 13 08:00:00 2008
Lower Battery Placed In Service: Sun Jun 29 08:13:26 2008
Lower Battery Expiration Date: Tue Jun 29 08:13:26 2010
Lower Battery Status: good

# sccli -v output

sccli version 1.5.0

# sccli

Available devices:

1. /dev/rdsk/c8t600C0FF000000000081985313BA09D00d0s2 [SUN StorEdge 3510 SN#081985] (Primary)

2. /dev/rdsk/c8t600C0FF0000000000819ED186A334200d0s2 [SUN StorEdge 3510 SN#0819ED] (Primary)

Please enter selection: 2

sccli> show battery-status -u

sccli: syntax error: "-u"

sccli> version

sccli version 1.5.0

sccli> show inquiry

Vendor: SUN

Product: StorEdge 3510

Revision: 327R

Peripheral Device Type: 0x0

NVRAM Defaults: 327R 3510 v2.63

Bootrecord version: 1.31H

Page 80 Serial Number: 0819ED186A334200

Page 83 Logical Unit Device ID: 600C0FF0000000000819ED186A334200

Page 83 Target Device ID: 206000C0FF0819ED

IP Address:

Page D0 Fibre Channel Address: B2 (id 32)

Page D0 Node Name: 206000C0FF0819ED

Page D0 Port Name: 216000C0FF0819ED

Ethernet Address: 00:C0:FF:08:19:ED

Device Type: Primary

sccli> show battery-status -u

sccli: syntax error: "-u"

Pls advise
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Old 07-04-2008
this should work...
according to C H A P T E R 4 - Battery FRUs
it looks you're correct.

I'd suggest to contact Sun Support Services...
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Old 07-05-2008
The only option I can think of right now is to ask the user to upgrade the sccli package from 1.5 to 1.6 or above. This should not have impact on the prod box. However, I suspect that the firmware could be low, thus hanging during sscli input and causing syntax errors. But I can confirm that such migration of firmware needs resetting of the controller which needs downtime. B4 I can suggest anything to user, I need to be sure of my action plan and noting else should screw up. Any further ideas or advise?Smilie
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Old 07-05-2008
Incredible has a couple of good points there. The firmware version is VERY old, I haven't seen a 3.27 version in probably two years. The sscs version is also very old, and didn't have all of the features which are available in the later versions. With older versions some of the settings still have to be performed through the out-of-band interface on the array either by serial connection or the network interface.
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