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AIX to SOLARIS conversion - (find -cmin option)

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Operating Systems Solaris AIX to SOLARIS conversion - (find -cmin option)
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Old 06-11-2008
AIX to SOLARIS conversion - (find -cmin option)

I have a piece of code (below) in a .ksh script running on AIX. I need to convert the code to run .zsh on Solaris. Solaris's find command does not support the -cmin function. Suggestions??

The code searchs for a file (_filename) and determines if it has been written to or modified in the last 5 minutes. If it has, it goes to sleep for 5 minutes and then checks again.

  while [ ${LOOP} -eq 1 ]
    find . -cmin -5 -name ${_filename} | read NEW_FILE
    if [ ! -z ${NEW_FILE} ]
      echo "INFO: preprocess_dc: Time index "`date`". The file ${_filename} is less than five minutes old."
      echo "INFO: preprocess_dc: Waiting $vSleepTime seconds to verify the file is not still being written."
      sleep $vSleepTime

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Old 12-08-2008
I was not aware of this but Solaris 10's find(1) command does support cmin:
find(1) – find files (man pages section 1: User Commands) - Sun Microsystems

Otherwise you could use the -newer parameter, very crude .e.g:
$ touch /tmp/timer
$ sleep 300
$ find . -newer /tmp/timer -name ${_filename}

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