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Need some lib in c/c++ to read db table at one go

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Operating Systems Solaris Need some lib in c/c++ to read db table at one go
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Need some lib in c/c++ to read db table at one go

Hi All,
I need some sort of library or module which read the db table at one go and keep in process memory.My problem is that I have a call processing module which handles the network call and goes for db lookup for subscriber profile in oracle db for every call.I am using Oracle Standard Edition which doesn't have the facility of db pining(so that the tables kept in memory all the time) that is why it is taking time to process a call.

Plz suggest some library or technic to get out of it.

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PSFXTABLE(1)						      General Commands Manual						      PSFXTABLE(1)

psfxtable - handle Unicode character tables for console fonts SYNOPSIS
psfxtable [-i infont] [-o outfont] [-it intable] [-ot outtable] [-nt] DESCRIPTION
psfxtable handles the embedded Unicode character table for .psf format console fonts. It reads a font and possibly a table and writes a font and/or a table. psfaddtable(1), psfgettable(1) and psfstriptable(1) are links to it. Each of the filenames infont, outfont, intable, and outtable may be replaced by a single dash (-), in which case standard input or standard output is used. If no -i option is given, the font is read from standard input. If no -it or -o or -ot option is given, no input table is read or no output font or output table is written. By default the output font (if any) will have a Unicode table when either the input font has one, or an explicit table (which overrides an input font table) has been provided. The option -nt causes output of a font without table. When outfont is requested it will get a psf1 header when infont has a psf1 header and intable does not have sequences and a psf2 header otherwise. SEE ALSO
setfont(8), psfaddtable(1), psfgettable(1), psfstriptable(1) 9 Dec 1999 PSFXTABLE(1)

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