i wanto hardcode password for a username to ssh to a server using script

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Operating Systems Solaris i wanto hardcode password for a username to ssh to a server using script
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Old 02-28-2008
To hardcode the password in a script use the expect command.

A google on solaris expect will give heaps of examples.

Solaris 10 dvd has expect 5.39 on it.

Don't forget to check return codes
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Old 02-28-2008
mani it worked

Dear All
Mani's procedure really worked but i want .. to do my operations using shell scripting only

for suppose i have written a script in hostB as

ssh user@hostA

cd <<Directory>>

ls -ltrh


The above Directory is in hostA and i want to display list of files in that directory and come out shell script ..

but rather i m being taken to hostA console..

Can we do operations through only shell script is it possible??? Help me

Thank U
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