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Old 02-27-2008

I have been working with Linux since 1997. So I am familiar with UNIX.
Nowadays I work with open SuSE, Mandriva 2007 and Fedora Core. All of them work fine.

Solaris should work if the installation were smooth.

When I studied networking, it was Solaris.

I mean school used Solaris to teach UNIX because Solaris is the dominant UNIX flavor in this country. School used Sun SPARC computers.

We installed Solaris as a part of the course and worked with it too.
So I am not new to Solaris.

However, I have never ever work with Solaris after learning at school.
I tried to install it some 8 months ago. There were problems and I gave up.
I want to install Solaris and work with it.
I need your help.
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Old 02-27-2008
fair play, didn't mean to suggest that you were, this might help:

Solaris 10 6/06 Release Notes

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Old 02-27-2008
There's no such thing as a HD being "incompatible" if you can connect it to the MB. IDE is a standard, so is SCSI, and ATA.

You posted 2 video cards, which one is it? The Gforce or the ATI? Which one are you using? Have you checked if either is listed in the HCL?
Have you checked that your MB is listed in the HCL?

That you have a working installation of anything other than Solaris doesn't mean much other than the computer's parts may be working properly. Windows and Linux were created and still are meant to be run on x86, unlike Solaris which was concieved and is mainly used on the SPARC architecture. As long as the x86 equipment you are using is in the HCL, it should work.
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Old 02-28-2008
This computer has open SuSE, Mandriva and Fedora Core.
All works fine and I am writing to you using open SuSE 10.2.
If I want I can write here in Mandriva and Fedora Core too.

However, I like open SuSE . One of the reasons is I have all my bookmarks are on open SuSE side.

I inserted a new 500 GB hard drive to this computer some months ago and created a couple of logical partitions.

I can try to install Solaris on this computer if it is possible to install on an logical partition. I don't think Solaris and Windows works on logical partitions.

Is it possible to install Solaris on an logical partition?

I bought a separate computer to install Solaris and Windows 2003 server.
There are unsurmountable problems to install Solaris on it. I am tired of trying again and again. I have been struggling with this for almost a week.

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Old 02-28-2008
The problems may or may not be unsurmountable, but you are going the wrong way about it. You are all over the place with partitions and hardware and are bent on making this work your way, just because you could install Solaris in a class box some time ago.

That you have other OSs working on your hardware means nothing. No matter how many times you say you can use SuSE ort Mandriva or whatever, it means nothing. So stop posting it.

Whatever computer you use, I would suggest to you 3 things:

1.- VERIFY THAT YOUR HARDWARE IS LISTED IN THE HCL Solaris OS: Hardware Compatibility Lists

2.- AFTER you have VERIFIED that your hardware is in the HCL, install Solaris by itself first. Learn what happens when you install it.

3.- THEN, there are plenty of tutorials about dual booting a box with Solaris and something else. The Sun Bigadmin site has a couple, like this one BigAdmin Submitted Article: Quad Boot With Windows, Sun Java Desktop System, and the Solaris Operating System
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Old 02-28-2008

I obliged to you and download the HCL file.

The file has the end .jnlp.
My system failed to open it.
Firefox failed to open it.

How do you open a .jnlp file.?
What is .jnlp ?
What shall I do this with file?
I tried in vain to open it with Konqueror browser as well as a text editor.

I have never ever heard about the existence of .jnlp files.

According to the prerequisites noted by Sun, it should be able to open by
my open SuSE 10.2.

The file is 'sddtool_20.jnlp [ Sun Detection Device Tool 2.0]

It is a small 1.53Kb file
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Old 02-28-2008
There's no file to download. The link is to a web page at
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