Red stop signs in Solaris Management Console 2.1

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Operating Systems Solaris Red stop signs in Solaris Management Console 2.1
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Old 02-14-2008
Red stop signs in Solaris Management Console 2.1

I've installed Solaris 10 (x86 8/07) on a Dell PowerEdge 2950. When I bring up the Solaris Management Console I get red stop sign looking icons on all areas (System Status, System Configuration, Services, Storage, and Devices and hardware) under This computer. Originally nothing was showing up (kept getting a error about the server not running or something) but I corrected it by doing the following:
#patchrm 121309-12
#svcs wbem
Online xx:xx:xx svc:/application/management/wbem:default
#svcadm disable /application/management/wbem:default
# /etc/init.d/init.wbem start
# /etc/init.d/init.wbem status
Solaris Management Console server version 2.1.0 running on port 898

How do I get rid of these stop signs so that I can add a new user through the SMC?
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Old 02-15-2008
Here's what I see within the SMC console:
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.sysinfo.client.VSysInfo
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.perfmgr.client.VPerfMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.procmgr.client.VProcMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.logviewer.client.VLogViewer
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.patchmgr.client.VPatchMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.hostmgr.client.VHostMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.projmgr.client.VProjMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.usermgr.client.VUserMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.taskschedmgr.client.VTaskSchedMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.fsmgr.client.VFsMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.diskmgr.client.VDiskMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.volmgr.client.VVolMgr
red stop sign symbol - com.sun.admin.serialmgr.client.VSerialMgr
red stop sign symbol - LegacyAppTool.client.LaunchLegacyTool

At the very bottom of the window it says: There is no Solaris Management Console running on However, if I execute /etc/init.d.init.wbem status it says: Solaris Management Console server version 2.1.0 running on port 898. Also....I know I could use the command line way but I'd rather get the GUI way working first. Here's my output of uname -a on a sparc system that I'm also working on: SunOS ar-lab 5.10 Generic_118833-33 sun4u sparc SUNW, Sun-Blade-2500. My original question states a Dell PowerEdge 2950 server but I'm getting the same error messages in the SMC on both X86 and sparc systems.
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