/etc/passwd file been deleted

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Operating Systems Solaris /etc/passwd file been deleted
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Old 02-11-2008
/etc/passwd file been deleted

Hi Folks ,

Would be grateful if someone could help me out in one of the question that came to my mind . If the /etc/passwd file has been deleted and the system has been rebooted . Then i dont think that any user would be able to login and the system will be useless . Whats the best solution for this issue ??

An urgent reply would be highly appreciated for sorting out this issue .

Cheers !
Gera !!
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Old 02-11-2008
take the file from your backup... hope you have a backup!
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Old 02-11-2008
If there is no backup then ...?
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Old 02-11-2008
create the file and try to reconstruct it from your /etc/shadow file. i've never done something like this...
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Old 02-11-2008
There may be a file called /etc/opasswd still in existence. It is a backup file made programs like passwd as they update the file.
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Old 02-11-2008
Thanks a lot for the reply !! I got your answer !!
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