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Old 01-29-2008
DHCP help

Can someone help me with this please. I am new to this:

I am trying to install Solaris 8 over the network using my DHCP. After I type the comman:

./add_install_client -d -e 8:0:20:7e:97:51

I would get something like this:

cleaning up preexisting install client "8:0:20:7e:97:51"
removing /tftpboot/inetboot.SUNW4U.Solaris_8-1
removing /tftpboot
disabling tftp in /etc/inetd.conf
To disable 8:0:20:7e:97:51 in the DHCP server "I have donethis one"
Removethe entry with Client ID 0800207E9751 " I have done this too"
making /tftpboot

Toenable 8:0:20:7e:97:51in the DHCP server
add anentry to the server with the following data:

Install server (SinstNM) : brampton
install server IP (SinstIP4) :
boot file (BootFile) : 0800207e9751
now how do i put this in info in to the DHCP server's options and macro
i created the option but what do i put for

also for the Macro what do i put on the create macro
option name
option value.

Thank you for your help.
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dhcp(5)                                                 Standards, Environments, and Macros                                                dhcp(5)

dhcp - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DESCRIPTION
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enables host systems in a TCP/IP network to be configured automatically for the network as they boot. DHCP uses a client/server mechanism: servers store configuration information for clients, and provide that information upon a client's request. The information can include the client's IP address and information about network services available to the client. This manual page provides a brief summary of the Solaris DHCP implementation. Solaris DHCP Client The Solaris DHCP client is implemented as background daemon, dhcpagent(1M). This daemon is started automatically during bootup if there exists at least one dhcp.interface file in /etc. Only interfaces with a corresponding /etc/dhcp.interface file are automatically configured during boot. Network parameters needed for system configuration during bootup are extracted from the information recieved by the daemon through the use of the dhcpinfo(1) command. The daemon's default behavior can be altered by changing the tunables in the /etc/default/dhc- pagent file. The daemon is controlled by the ifconfig(1M) utility. Check the status of the daemon using the netstat(1M) and ifconfig(1M) commands. Solaris DHCP Server The Solaris DHCP server is implemented as a background daemon, in.dhcpd(1M). This daemon can deliver network configuration information to either BOOTP or DHCP clients. The Solaris DHCP service can be managed using the dhcpmgr(1M) GUI or the command line utilities dhcpcon- fig(1M), dhtadm(1M), and pntadm(1M). DHCP Configuration Tables The Solaris DHCP server stores client configuration information in the following two types of tables: dhcptab tables Contain macros and options (also known as symbols), used to construct a package of configuration information to send to each DHCP client. There exists only one dhcptab for the DHCP service. The dhcptab(4) can be viewed and mod- ified using the dhtadm(1M) command or dhcpmgr(1M) graphical utility. See dhcptab(4) for more information about the syntax of dhcptab records. See dhcp_inittab(4) for more information about the DHCP options and symbols. DHCP network tables DHCP network tables, which contain mappings of client IDs to IP addresses and parameters associated with those addresses. Network tables are named with the IP address of the network, and can be created, viewed, and modified using the pntadm command or dhcpmgr graphical utility. See dhcp_network(4) for more information about network tables. SEE ALSO
dhcpinfo(1), dhcpagent(1M), dhcpconfig(1M), dhcpmgr(1M), dhtadm(1M), ifconfig(1M), in.dhcpd(1M), netstat(1M), pntadm(1M), syslog(3C), dhcp_network(4), dhcptab(4), dhcpsvc.conf(4), dhcp_inittab(4), dhcp_modules(5) Solaris DHCP Service Developer's Guide Alexander, S., and R. Droms. RFC 2132, DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor Extensions. Silicon Graphics, Inc. Bucknell University. March 1997. Droms, R. RFC 1534, Interoperation Between DHCP and BOOTP. Bucknell University. October 1993. Droms, R. RFC 2131, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Bucknell University. March 1997. Wimer, W. RFC 1542, Clarifications and Extensions for the Bootstrap Protocol. Carnegie Mellon University. October 1993. SunOS 5.10 13 Mar 2001 dhcp(5)