/usr not sufficient during installtion

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Operating Systems Solaris /usr not sufficient during installtion
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Old 01-29-2008
Error /usr not sufficient during installtion

Hi everyone..

During Installation of solaris 10(in vmware) on X86,,,i gave /usr only 1gb thinking that to install only few packages..But later after inserting the 2nd cd ,,it installed complete 2nd cd,,and gave a status message as "failed".I skipped the installation of later cd's..

I rebooted the system..

Then it didnt load the service descriptions ,,it stopped at :1/1,,then for every second it is giving the message as

alloc:/usr/:file system full

As i am getting the cmd prompt after logging as root..from that i changed the /usr size as 4gb using the format command..but the system is not recognizing this,,and i am getting this message still,,,,Is there any command to reallocate the partitions and make the system to recognize them..

i am getting desktop session but it is being blurred and the keyboard is not working properly at that time..

So any suggestions will be helpful..to get clear my installation errors..
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Old 02-01-2008
you need 6 gig at least for usr for solaris 10
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