How to reset SC admin password in Netra T2000 server?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to reset SC admin password in Netra T2000 server?
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Old 01-15-2008
How to reset SC admin password in Netra T2000 server?

I have one Sun Netra T2000 Server. The ALOM SC admin password of this server is not known. Could you anyone help and tell me how can i reset the SC admin account password??

Thanks in advance..
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Old 01-15-2008
Look at chassis and get the serial number. Try using the last 8 characters as a password. This is the default password and it might work. (Or is it the first 8? Try both...) If not, use the procedure in the alom manual.

Appendix A of Advanced Lights Out Management (ALOM) CMT v1.1 Guide
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Old 01-16-2008
Bug Thanks

Thanks it worked with the quide..
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