How to add disk into Striped Volume VxVM

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Operating Systems Solaris How to add disk into Striped Volume VxVM
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Old 01-13-2008
How to add disk into Striped Volume VxVM

How to add one more disk into v08 the stripe should change from 7/128 to 8/128

v v08 - ENABLED ACTIVE 8954292224 SELECT v08-01 fsgen
pl v08-01 v08 ENABLED ACTIVE 8954292480 STRIPE 7/128 RW
sd bkpdg35-01 v08-01 bkpdg35 17216 1279184640 0/0 c1t10d44 ENA
sd bkpdg36-01 v08-01 bkpdg36 17216 1279184640 1/0 c1t10d45 ENA
sd bkpdg38-01 v08-01 bkpdg38 17216 1279184640 2/0 c1t10d48 ENA
sd bkpdg52-01 v08-01 bkpdg52 17216 1279184640 3/0 c1t10d55 ENA
sd bkpdg53-01 v08-01 bkpdg53 17216 1279184640 4/0 c1t10d56 ENA
sd bkpdg41-01 v08-01 bkpdg41 17216 1279184640 5/0 c1t10d57 ENA
sd bkpdg42-01 v08-01 bkpdg42 17216 1279184640 6/0 c1t10d58 ENA
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vx_emerg_start(1M)														vx_emerg_start(1M)

vx_emerg_start - start Veritas Volume Manager from recovery media SYNOPSIS
vx_emerg_start [-m] [-r root_daname] hostname DESCRIPTION
The vx_emerg_start utility can be used to start Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) when a system is booted from alternate media, or when a sys- tem has been booted into Maintenance Mode Boot (MMB) mode. This allows a rootable VxVM configuration to be repaired in the event of a cat- astrophic failure. vx_emerg_start verifies that the /etc/vx/volboot file exists, and checks the command-line arguments against the contents of this file. OPTIONS
-m Mounts the root file system contained on the rootvol volume after VxVM has been started. Prior to being mounted, the rootvol volume is started and fsck is run on the root file system. -r root_daname Specifies the disk access name of one of the members of the root disk group that is to be imported. This option can be used to spec- ify the appropriate root disk group when multiple generations of the same root disk group exist on the system under repair. If this option is not specified, the desired root disk group may not be imported if multiple disk groups with the same name exist on the sys- tem, and if one of these disk groups has a more recent timestamp. ARGUMENTS
hostname Specifies the system name (nodename) of the host system being repaired. This name is used to allow the desired root disk group to be imported. It must match the name of the system being repaired, as it is unlikely to be recorded on the recovery media from which you booted the system. NOTES
HP-UX Maintenance Mode Boot (MMB) is intended for recovery from catastrophic failures that have prevented the target machine from booting. If a VxVM root volume is mirrored, only one mirror is active when the system is in MMB mode. Any writes that are made to the root file sys- tem in this mode can corrupt this file system when both mirrors are subsequently configured. The vx_emerg_start script allows VxVM to be started while a system is in MMB mode, and marks the non-boot mirror plexes as stale. This prevents corruption of the root volume or file system by forcing a subsequent recovery from the boot mirror to the non-boot mirrors to take place. USAGE
After VxVM has been started, various recovery options can be performed depending on the nature of the problem. It is recommended that you use the vxprint command to determine the state of the configuration. One common problem is when all the plexes of the root disk are stale as shown in the following sample output from vxprint: v rootvol root DISABLED 393216 - ACTIVE - pl rootvol-01 rootvol DISABLED 393216 - STALE - sd rootdisk01-02 rootvol-01 ENABLED 393216 0 - - pl rootvol-02 rootvol DISABLED 393216 - STALE - pl rootvol-02 rootvol DISABLED 393216 - STALE - sd rootdisk02-02 rootvol-02 ENABLED 393216 0 - - In this case, the volume can usually be repaired by using the vxvol command as shown here: vxvol -g 4.1ROOT -f start rootvol If the volume is mirrored, it is put in read-write-back recovery mode. As the command is run in the foreground, it does not exit until the recovery is complete. It is then recommended that you run fsck on the root file system, and mount it, before attempting to reboot the sys- tem: fsck -F vxfs -o full /dev/vx/rdsk/4.1ROOT/rootvol mkdir /tmp_mnt mount -F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/4.1ROOT/rootvol /tmp_mnt SEE ALSO
fsck(1M), mkdir(1M), mount(1M), vxintro(1M), vxprint(1M), vxvol(1M) VxVM 24 Mar 2008 vx_emerg_start(1M)