Unable to boot after an error in mirroring root

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Operating Systems Solaris Unable to boot after an error in mirroring root
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Old 01-10-2008
Error Unable to boot after an error in mirroring root

Hey Guys,

I am using a Sun sparc server and had 6 disks.

The root was loaded on c0t10d0s0 disk.

I made an image or mirrored the root to another disk c0t9d0s0.

But during the process instead of attaching submirrors to main mirror
(d0 <--- d01 and d11) i attached d0 <--- d01 and d01<--d11

Now i keep gettign the error "the file found doesnt seem to be an executable"

When i try to specify the drive to boot, it says vfs_mount not found and crashes and reboots.

I tried single user more through cdrom and did mount both the hard drives and they are sync (atleast because i find same files on both)

So what do u think si the problem and my sr. admin says in situations like these just reinstall..but I wanna solve.

I would wait another 30 mins before nuking the server.

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Old 01-10-2008
If it's not too late, what type of metadevices were those? Are you using solstice disk suite? Which OS version?
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