test and .test in same directory

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Operating Systems Solaris test and .test in same directory
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Old 12-28-2007
Originally Posted by vikashtulsiyan
since "." is just an attribute to mark a file hidden why is unix allows creation of "file" and ".file" in the same directory
The leading "." is not an attribute, it is part of the filename. There is no "hidden attribute".
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wibble-test-genrunner(1)				      General Commands Manual					  wibble-test-genrunner(1)

wibble-test-genrunner - Code generator for wibble testsuites. SYNOPSIS
wibble-test-genrunner header <file> wibble-test-genrunner main <files> DESCRIPTION
The program generates .cpp files that are then compiled and linked into a test program for running tests from .test.h files. Examples of such .test.h files may be found among wibble headers, eg. /usr/include/wibble/regexp.test.h. In the first form, the program processes a single header file (usually of the form foo.test.h) and produces a corresponding .cpp file to be compiled. In the second form, it takes as <files> all the .test.h headers and produces a single main.cpp which contains the main() function of the test program, which then runs all the tests in all the .test.h files. The generated source code is always written to standard output and it is left up to the user to redirect it to a meaningful location. The program currently has no options other than the two forms above. The program is intended to be run as part of build process of programs or libraries using the wibble testing framework. For convenient use from CMake, there is a test.cmake script under /usr/share/wibble, that takes care of producing all the .cpp files (both per-header and the main one), compiling them and linking them into a single binary which executes the testsuite. AUTHOR
Petr Rockai <me@mornfall.net> wibble-test-genrunner(1)

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