Solaris BSM audit log

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris BSM audit log
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Old 12-21-2007
Solaris BSM audit log

I got a lot of this message in my /var/audit log

how can I exclude this message?

header,127,2,invalid event number,fe,,2007-12-21 00:10:01.001 +08:00,argument,1,0x5,processor ID,argument
,2,0x3,flag,text,P_STATUS,subject,zhang1,root,root,root,root,18228,576129155,291 131094,return,failure: Invalid
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Old 03-02-2008
Originally Posted by geoffry
I got a lot of this message in my /var/audit log

how can I exclude this message?

header,127,2,invalid event number,fe,,2007-12-21 00:10:01.001 +08:00,argument,1,0x5,processor ID,argument
,2,0x3,flag,text,P_STATUS,subject,zhang1,root,root,root,root,18228,576129155,291 131094,return,failure: Invalid
If you want to exclude a specific audit event from the audit trail you have two choises:
- don't audit the class which the event belongs to
- edit /etc/security/audit_event and remove the event class
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