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Old 12-12-2007
Interfaces Sol9

this is more of a curious question. I have a jumpstart server i imaged from a laptop. And in /etc/there are multiple hostname.ce0:1-2-3 etc.. entries. in that file each one has name similar to this jumpr_koc jumpr_poc etc.. Also i noticed my netmasks file has all the subnets we use. and finally my defaultrouter file has all the routes we use. no when i rebooted my ce0:1 would not run the ipv4 so when i did a ifconfig -a i showed my ce0 running but the other 25 or so were not. when i looked at my hosts file it was missing the entires that were in the hostname.ce0:1 i added those and rebooted and it was able to plumb all the interfaces why is this. is it reliant on the /etc/hosts file?
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Old 12-12-2007
Originally Posted by deaconf19
is it reliant on the /etc/hosts file?
In a word, yes.
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Old 12-12-2007
thanks for the answer Smilie
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