Using Enterprise 4500 with storedge D100 and storedge A5200

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Operating Systems Solaris Using Enterprise 4500 with storedge D100 and storedge A5200
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Old 12-11-2007
Using Enterprise 4500 with storedge D100 and storedge A5200

Sorry if this seems trivial. i have been given a task at work to configure a sun processing server "enterprise 4500" so it can work with the a storage server "storedge A5200" and "storedge D1000"

the truth is i have never worked on a sun server before. i need a guideline (step by step) as to what needs to be done. any help will be greately appreciated.
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Old 12-11-2007
how far into unix are you? the two are different storages... d1000 is scsi and the a5200 is a fcal system...
what kind of configuration do you need? multipathing... which kind of volumemanagement do you use... there are a lot of questions! and a "step by step" guidline ist not as easy as you might think!
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Old 12-11-2007
my unix knowlede aint pretty good. lets say i am a beginner. i have got 1 enterprise 4500, 1 storedge D1000 and 2 storedge A5200.
i need to get all these to work together.

dont worry i learn fast.
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Old 12-11-2007
the two are different storages... d1000 is scsi and the a5200 is a fcal system...
even if i can get it to work with the a5200. that will be a start.
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Old 12-11-2007
maybe start with installing the os and build the fcal hba into your server... then cableing the storage to your machine would be the next step.
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Old 12-11-2007
I have just setup the same thing here... 3 times now.

I may be able to help a bit - I have just setup three E4500 + D1000 + A5200 systems in my shop. The exact commands to move forward are going to very much depend on exactly how you have them cabled up.

In my case, each E4500 has dual GBICs for the A5200 and dual SCSI controllers for the D1000 like this:

GBIC 1 --> A5200 controller 1, port 2
GBIC 2 --> A5200 controller 2, port 1
SCSI 1 --> D1000 controller 1, port 1 terminator on port 2
SCSI 2 --> D1000 controller 2, port 1 terminator on port 2

I have my A5200 configured in "split-loop" mode so that the drives are in two "banks". There are lots of other configurations for this, but this one works for me to maximize throughput.

You can see how it looks when you get to the BOOTPROM like this:

> probe-scsi-all
(should show three scsi controllers - the one on the IO card, and the two sbus ones, the first with just the internal CDROM, the second and third each with half of the drives in your D1000 - which end up numbered 0 - 5 to the left and 8 - 13 on the right if you have the dip switches in the default positions).

> probe-fcal-all
(should show the two GBIC interfaces, and under each one half of the drives you have installed - front side and back side).

I have setup a Jumpstart server on my network and use it to install these guys from a flash archive I made from one of them that I setup first. Works great.

- David
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