PZ help :configure: error: cannot find output from flex; giving up

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Operating Systems Solaris PZ help :configure: error: cannot find output from flex; giving up
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PZ help :configure: error: cannot find output from flex; giving up

While installing amanda server,i got the following error

## checking lex output file root... configure: error: cannot find output from flex; giving up.

when i execute
# which lex
i got /usr/ccs/bin/lex
setting the pathg does not work too
After this i tried intalling flex in my /opt directory
using the following file flex-2.5.33.tar.gz from sunfreeware.com
but i get the same error as above (##) when i run the configure script
to install flex.
Dear people plz help me resolve this problem

Best Regards

Last edited by bullet350; 11-29-2007 at 07:01 AM.. Reason: problem solved
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megaco_flex_scanner(3erl)				     Erlang Module Definition					 megaco_flex_scanner(3erl)

megaco_flex_scanner - Interface module to the flex scanner linked in driver. DESCRIPTION
This module contains the public interface to the flex scanner linked in driver. The flex scanner performs the scanning phase of text mes- sage decoding. The flex scanner is written using a tool called flex . In order to be able to compile the flex scanner driver, this tool has to be avail- able. By default the flex scanner reports line-number of an error. But it can be built without line-number reporting. Instead token number is used. This will speed up the scanning some 5-10%. Use --disable-megaco-flex-scanner-lineno when configuring the application. The scanner will, by default, be built as a reentrant scanner if the flex utility supports this (it depends on the version of flex). It is possible to explicitly disable this even when flex support this. Use --disable-megaco-reentrant-flex-scanner when configuring the applica- tion. DATA TYPES
megaco_ports() = term() megaco_version() = integer() >= 1 EXPORTS
start() -> {ok, PortOrPorts} | {error, Reason} Types PortOrPorts = megaco_ports() Reason = term() This function is used to start the flex scanner. It locates the library and loads the linked in driver. On a single core system or if it's a non-reentrant scanner, a single port is created. On a multi-core system with a reentrant scan- ner, several ports will be created (one for each scheduler). Note that the process that calls this function must be permanent. If it dies, the port(s) will exit and the driver unload. stop(PortOrPorts) -> stopped Types PortOrPorts = megaco_ports() This function is used to stop the flex scanner. It also unloads the driver. is_reentrant_enabled() -> Boolean Types Boolean = boolean() Is the flex scanner reentrant or not. is_scanner_port(Port, PortOrPorts) -> Boolean Types Port = port() PortOrPorts = megaco_ports() Boolean = boolean() Checks if a port is a flex scanner port or not (useful when if a port exits). scan(Binary, PortOrPorts) -> {ok, Tokens, Version, LatestLine} | {error, Reason, LatestLine} Types Binary = binary() PortOrPorts = megaco_ports() Tokens = list() Version = megaco_version() LatestLine = integer() Reason = term() Scans a megaco message and generates a token list to be passed on the parser. Ericsson AB megaco 3.15.1 megaco_flex_scanner(3erl)

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