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compilation problem

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Operating Systems Solaris compilation problem
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Old 10-19-2007
compilation problem

I am compiling a software named wine

When i run make then at the end following error generated.

DVAPI32_ -foversion.res version.rc
ld.so.1: ../../tools/wrc/wrc: fatal: relocation error: file ../../tools/wrc/wrc: symbol wine_casemap_upper: referenced symbol not found
*** Signal 9
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `version.res'
Current working directory /opt/software/wine2/wine-0.9.47/dlls/advapi32
*** Error code 1
The following command caused the error:
cd advapi32 && make
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `advapi32'
Current working directory /opt/software/wine2/wine-0.9.47/dlls
*** Error code 1
The following command caused the error:
cd dlls && make
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `dlls'

Please tell me what are these errors and how to solve this problem
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WMC(1)							      Wine Developers Manual							    WMC(1)

wrc - Wine Message Compiler SYNOPSIS
wmc [options] [inputfile] DESCRIPTION
wmc compiles messages from inputfile into FormatMessage[AW] compatible format encapsulated in a resourcescript format. wmc outputs the data either in a standard .bin formatted binary file, or can generated inline resource data. wmc takes only one inputfile as argument (see BUGS). The inputfile normally has extension .mc. The messages are read from standard input if no inputfile is given. If the outputfile is not specified with -o, then wmc will write the output to inputfile.{rc,h}. The outputfile is named wmc.tab.{rc,h} if no inputfile was given. OPTIONS
-B x Set output byte-order x={n[ative], l[ittle], b[ig]}. Default is n[ative]. -c Set 'custom-bit' in message-code values. -d NON-FUNCTIONAL; Use decimal values in output -D Set debug flag. This results is a parser trace and a lot of extra messages. -h Print an informative usage message. -H file Write headerfile to file. Default is inputfile.h. -i Inline messagetable(s). This option skips the generation of all .bin files and writes all output into the .rc file. This encoding is parsable with wrc(1). -o file Output to file. Default is inputfile.rc. -u Assume that the inputfile is in unicode. -U Write resource output in unicode formatted messagetable(s). -v Show all supported codepages and languages. -V Print version end exit. -W Enable pedantic warnings. EXTENSIONS
The original syntax is extended to support codepages more smoothly. Normally, codepages are based on the DOS-codepage from the language setting. The original syntax only allows the destination codepage to be set. However, this is not enough for non-DOS systems which do not use unicode source-files. A new keyword Codepages is introduced to set both input and output codepages to anything one wants for each language. The syntax is similar to the other constructs: Codepages '=' '(' language '=' cpin ':' cpout ... ')' The language is the numerical language-ID or the alias set with LanguageNames. The input-codepage cpin and output-codepage cpout are the numerical codepage-IDs. There can be multiple mapping within the definition and the definition may occur more than once. AUTHORS
wmc was written by Bertho A. Stultiens. BUGS
The message compiler should be able to have multiple inputfiles and combine them into one outputfile. This would enable the splitting of languages into separate files. Unicode detection of the input is suboptimal, to say the least. It should recognize byte-order-marks (BOM) and decide what to do. Decimal output is completely lacking. Don't know whether it should be implemented because it is a, well, non-informative format change. It is recognized on the commandline for some form of compatibility. AVAILABILITY
wmc is part of the wine distribution, which is available through WineHQ, the wine development headquarters, at http://www.winehq.org/. SEE ALSO
wine(1), wrc(1) Wine 1.2-rc6 October 2005 WMC(1)

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