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Sol 10 on SUN V490: Setting LOCALE

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Operating Systems Solaris Sol 10 on SUN V490: Setting LOCALE
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Sol 10 on SUN V490: Setting LOCALE

Hi all,

We've upgraded/migrated our production server from Sol 9 on a Sun V480 to Sol 10 on a V490 server.

How do I set/change the following values on Solaris 10:

Solaris 9:
$> locale

On the Solaris 10 the current values are:
$> locale

Thys de Wet
# 2  
root@mp-wst01 # locale
root@mp-wst01 #
root@mp-wst01 # cat /etc/default/init
# Copyright 1992, 1999-2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Use is subject to license terms.
#ident "@(#)init.dfl 1.7 02/12/03 SMI"
# This file is /etc/default/init. /etc/TIMEZONE is a symlink to this file.
# This file looks like a shell script, but it is not. To maintain
# compatibility with old versions of /etc/TIMEZONE, some shell constructs
# (i.e., export commands) are allowed in this file, but are ignored.
# Lines of this file should be of the form VAR=value, where VAR is one of
# TZ, LANG, CMASK, or any of the LC_* environment variables. value may
# be enclosed in double quotes (") or single quotes (').
root@mp-wst01 #

you can find your installed locales in /usr/lib/locale, or try the command "locale -a". for the current session you can set it with "export LC_ALL=<locale>"


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Will do that.

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