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NFS share options

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NFS share options


I'm doing a Perl script to parse the dfstab file and find dangerous configurations (rw to everyone, root access, etc). My question is, if I have a share command like this:

share -F nfs -o ro=chrome:copper:zinc,root=chrome /usr/man

it means that the /usr/man is "rw" to everyone (because "rw" isn't present) or the "ro" overwrites the default "rw" option? I'm a little confused on these details, could someone give me some lights?

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and nfs share of rw isn't necessarily dangerous, as it may be appropriate for clients to write to servers. the user/group/read/write/execute attributes are still respected, however you need to confirm that there is a one to one mapping for uids and gids between server and all clients.

the "root=" means that the root from server chrome will be allowed root access to this share. This would typically be used for diskless clients.
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Well, I think I was not explicit enough. With that share options, it means that /usr/man is rw to everyone due to the absent of rw in the options configuration? Or the ro option overwrites the default rw behaviour? It's the same having this:
share -F nfs -o ro=chrome:copper:zinc,root=chrome /usr/man

or this:

share -F nfs -o ro=chrome:copper:zinc,root=chrome,rw /usr/man


Nevermind the other options, they're there just as an example.
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A share is read/write unless the read only option is changes it.

                ro    Sharing will be read-only to all clients.

                      Sharing will be read-only  to  the  clients
                      listed  in  access_list;  overrides the  rw
                      suboption for the  clients  specified.  See
                      access_list below.

UNIX man pages : share_nfs (1M)
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But the order matters? For example:

share -F nfs -o rw=chrome,ro=chrome /usr/man


share -F nfs -o ro=chrome,rw=chrome /usr/man

I think in the 1st the ro overwrite the rw and in the 2nd vice-versa. Right?
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Originally Posted by psimoes79
I think in the 1st the ro overwrite the rw and in the 2nd vice-versa. Right?
1. try it

2. it *may* be undefined behaviour,

however the doc says "ro" overrides "rw".
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The most restrictive permissions apply, in this case it will be ro.
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