Implementing sftp within Solaris 10

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Implementing sftp within Solaris 10


Does anyone know of any HowTos or cookbooks that will give a good overview of implementing sftp within Solaris 10? Specifically, I need to know

(1) Installation procedure
(2) which logs monitor sftp and where the logs are located at
(3) how to create/install sftp users and restrict their access as required

Thanks in advance for your help!

Rob Sandifer
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sftp is part of ssh. If you enable sshd you will enable sftp.

Solaris 9 and above should already include this.
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Thanks For Your Reply!


Thanks for the reply. Nice to know that since SSH is installed, that by default, sftp is installed too.

What about configuring sftp users and what about the logging of sftp events?


Rob Sandifer
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Originally Posted by RobSand
What about configuring sftp users and what about the logging of sftp events?
Users are normal UNIX user accounts.

As for logging events, what are you expecting?
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Originally Posted by porter
Users are normal UNIX user accounts.

As for logging events, what are you expecting?
I apologize it took me so long to respond; got pulled away to other projects; you know how that can go sometimes!

Getting back to my question about implementing logging for sftp events:

I need to find out what the step-by-step procedure is for implementing logging for sftp events, such as logging secure file transfers, etc.

Thanks in advance for any and all help/replies!

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