Solaris 10 dualboot with Win Xp sp2 ....Plz help !!!!!

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 dualboot with Win Xp sp2 ....Plz help !!!!!
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Old 09-17-2007
Java Solaris 10 dualboot with Win Xp sp2 ....Plz help !!!!!

Hi All ,

I am new to solaris & i would like to explore it to taste a flavour of

Before I installed I did a lot of googling as I did not want to play
with the data i have on win XP & finally installed Solaris in a dual
mode option along with Win XP.

These are the steps i followed,

1) Using partition magic, I created 20 GB free space in my Win Xp
SP2 running on NTFS system.Made that 20 GB partition as
Primary.The C:\ having Win XP is set as Primary (Active).

2) Rebooted the system with Solaris DVD inside the
drive.Successfully followed Sun's docs for installation.

3)Identified the 20GB partition ,F-Disk first asked me to delete it &
then re create it again.

4)The 20 GB got formatted & then the Solaris OS got installed

Finally It rebooted.I took out the DVD from the drive.

5) I was happy to see the Grub bootloader recognising both Solaris
and also Windows.

6)Anxiously I selected Windows to see whether everything is fine.I
was happy that nothing got affected in Win XP.

7)Rebooted the comp again.Now selected Solaris x86 ( 1st option ).

8) Unfortunately after some initial startup commands I got the foll

"An out of Sync boot archieve was detected on
/dev/dsk/c1doso.Do you wish to automatically Update this boot
archive" ?

For this i followed this doc from Sun,

System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

I followed it successfully but still it didnt help me.It works till step
6 on the above sun doc link provided.

It searches for "installed OS instances.........." & then begins to give
a series of commands ,then came the console log in session &
then it automatically tried to boot up the Solaris OS.

A series of dots( ............... ) followed giving the impression that the

kernel is going to load, but after a few secs it just gives out an

impression like its frozen (hanged up).A series of multi coloured

pink stripes appears on top of monitor & there after nothing


Before the installation was about to begin I just left all those

screens where it asked for slice,root,extended home etc to the

default values as suggested by the OS.Also i also came across

screens such as Xorg for which i didnt change anything and jus

kept accepting the choice given by the OS.I also followed the

installation link below as it is,

What 's the mistake i do here ?????

Do i have to log into windows Xp & then using Partition Magic,

Should I also make the partition where Solaris is installed as

Primary ( ACTIVE PARTITION ) .Is this possible?

I also followed the below given links,

System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

But it didnt fix my problem.The docs helped me to know some of

the tech things about solaris which is good but right now my

concern is I want to look at the screen of this wonderful OS & I

would like to fix the problem without tampering my Win Xp

which by God's grace seems not disturbed by this installation

process till now.

Are there any special commands i need to enter to modify any

value ??? . If so I can try them with some help......

Am not very familiar with such commands & also under
this Solaris console environment.

So plz provide me step by step assistance so that this helps to fix

my issue.

Any help is greatly Appreciated.

Thanx & Regards.
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Old 09-19-2007
Maybe you can intall a virtual machine on to the XP. Smilie
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