How to tune kernel Parameters in Solaris 10,9 & how to measure performance

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How to tune kernel Parameters in Solaris 10,9 & how to measure performance


I want to tune my SUN servers for best performance. My servers are heavily loaded and used. They have Solaris 10. How to tune Kernel Parameters of solaris ? And How can I measue performance before changing parameters and after changing parameters ?

Please help

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at first try Sun BluePrints Program and click archives
by date. Search with your browser "tuning", you find some
interesting blue prints.
Second - at you will find the complete documentation
for tuning solaris.

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Thanks. Smilie

But where I can tune IPC tunable parameters and how ? for eg.

Resource Obsolete Old Default Maximum New Default
Control Tunable Value Value Value

process.max- msginfo_msgmnb 4096 ULONG_MAX 65536

process.max- msginfo_msgtql 40 UINT_MAX 8192

process.max-sem seminfo_semopm 10 INT_MAX 512

How can i tune parameters like default_stksize, fsflush, ufs_ninode, maxphys etc.

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