how to capture oracle export log while running as background process

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how to capture oracle export log while running as background process

I ran the Oracle 9i export command from a terminal to export out a big table using "exp andrew/password file=andrew.dmp log=andrew.log"

From the terminal I can see that the export is running as there is some output from the oracle export job. The export job is not complete yet. When i go check the andrew.log file, it is empty as I notice that Oracle will not straight away fill in the andrew.log file. If i kill the export process, i can see from the terminal that the export job has been terminated, however if i check the andrew.log file, it is still empty.

Is there a way via the OS that i can capture the message from the terminal and output it into a OS file so that even though the oracle export command is terminated, i can still have another logfile to refer too. In real life environment the export will be run as a cron job, so there is no terminal to refer too, should there be some problem.

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You can use any of the output redirection technique.
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Can you show me of an example script as i am new to unix.
Thanks in advance
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I have created the script as below;
nohup exp ers2/password tables=COM_AUDIT_TRAIL:COM_AUDIT_APR file=/export/home/bea/andrew/test/tmp/com_audit_apr.dmp log=/export/home/bea/andrew/test/tmp/com_audit_apr.log >/export/home/bea/andrew/test/tmp/nohup1.log.

When i run the script, from my observation, in /export/home/bea/andrew/test/tmp/ directory, the scripts create nohup1.log but it's empty. It also create nohup.out and fill it with the oracle export message.

How can i pipe the message to nohup1.log instead of nohup.out?

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