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Problem in connecting TCP services between 2 Solaris Servers

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Operating Systems Solaris Problem in connecting TCP services between 2 Solaris Servers
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Old 06-30-2007
Problem in connecting TCP services between 2 Solaris Servers


I have 3 solaris servers. Two servers of differnet network and one gateway.
Server1 --> --> Solaris 9
Server2 --> --> Solaris 10
Server3 --> Iface1 --> --> Solaris 10 --> Gateway
Iface2 -->

Now I am able to ssh from Server1 to Server2 through gateway but I am not able to ssh Server1 from Server2. From Server2 I checked Ping to server1 it works then traceroute also work properly only ssh, NFS and other TCP services are not working...

Please help me in this..
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Old 06-30-2007
Does the server you cannot ssh to have sshd running?

You mention gateways, are there any firewalls?
# 3  
Old 06-30-2007
Yes sshd is running. And when I ssh server3 from server1 and ssh server2 from server3 it works.
There is no firewall.

# 4  
Old 06-30-2007
It sounds like either your routing or your netmasks are wrong.

Can you list each machine's network interfaces, IP addresses and netmasks.
Then list what ever routes including default routes you have configured.
# 5  
Old 07-04-2007
Server1 - ce0 - --> Solaris 9

Routing Table:

netstat -nr UGH 1 20
default UG 19171880 UH 82129125 lo0


Server2 --> --> Solaris 10

Routing table: UG 1 77518
default UG 1 352170 UH 264213562 lo0


ce0 --> --> Solaris 10 --> Gateway
ce1 --> U 1 65134 ce1
default UG 1 84121 ce0 UH 10351386451 lo0
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Old 07-04-2007
I checked routing from both side with traceroute it works properly. It goes to gateway first and then server.

When I ssh from server1 to server2 it works. but when I ssh from server2 to server1 it doesnt work. So I sniffed pacekts with snoop on all all servers. Then I got that, server2 send packets it goes to server3 then it goest to server1. Server1 sends reply to each packet but server3 doesnt reseive thore replies from Server1. Here is the problem. Please help

When I SSH from Server1 to Server2 :

ssh (gw)
Server1 ----> Server3 ----> Server2
Server1 <---- Server3 <---- Server2

When I SSH from Server2 to Server1 :

Server2 ----> Server3 ----> Server1
Server2 Server3 X <---- Server1 Smilie
# 7  
Old 07-04-2007
Can you enable something like telnet temporarily and confirm this exhibits the same problem?
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