getting pid of process

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Operating Systems Solaris getting pid of process
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Old 03-20-2007
getting pid of process

hi all,

Is there a simple script anyone could through out to me, to find the pid of a process given the name. I actually need to bind this pid to a processor set. I would probably put these comamns in a shell script which would have.
a) kick start the executable
b) get the pid
c) bind it to a specific processor set

second question is, would anyone know a way of getting the process ID inside a java program?

PS: SORRY, I accidentally posted this in the wrong topic. Should have been under Scripting & shell.

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Old 03-21-2007
man pgrep; man pidof
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Old 03-21-2007
small test, seems to work:

root@mp-wst01 # poolcfg -c 'create pool pressy'
root@mp-wst01 # poolcfg -c 'create pset pressy-set'
root@mp-wst01 # poolcfg -c 'associate pool pressy (pset pressy-set)'
root@mp-wst01 # poolcfg -c 'modify pset pressy-set ( uint pset.min = 1 ; uint pset.max = 2 )'
root@mp-wst01 # pooladm -c
root@mp-wst01 # ps -ef | grep syslogd
    root   489     1   0   Mar 19 ?           0:02 /usr/sbin/syslogd
root@mp-wst01 # poolbind -q 489
489     pool_default
root@mp-wst01 # poolbind -p pressy -i pid `pgrep syslogd`
root@mp-wst01 # poolbind -q 489
489     pressy
root@mp-wst01 #

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Old 03-21-2007
i am not sure if it has to be done in such a complicated way, but I did it as below

id = ps -ef | grep myprocessname | grep -v grep | cut -c5-c10

psrset -b processor_set_id $id

this worked...
you can give psrset -q to see the bindings
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Old 03-21-2007
hmm, nice found.... didn't know that...

i am always working with pools to get more flexibility between the processor sets... like setting an own scheduler class for the sets or creating a "cpu-load balancing" between several sets....

short form of you 2 lines could be:
# psrset -b processor_set_id `pgrep myprocessname `

regards pressy
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Old 03-21-2007
is there a way I could inhinit a few of my processes to go on to a particular processor_set_id?
I mean I have a box with 24virtual cpus and have created 2 processor sets.
One with 3 and the other with 20.

I want the processor set with 20 vcpus to be running uninterrupted for a particular process. I have already bound them to the process. But while they sleep, probably some other processes stell the cpus. Can I avoid it?
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Old 03-22-2007
sounds like you having fun with your 6core niagara Tx000 Smilie

but yes, and that's the reason why i am using pools.... with the solaris resource management you can start processes inside a project and that project can use a defined pool with the "project.pool" attribute and that pool is associated to a processor set... Smilie Smilie

but why don't you use zones/container? that would be the best way to isolate the processes against each other and bind the CPUs to their environment...

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