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Operating Systems Solaris DST Patch
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Old 03-09-2007
DST Patch

How to update DST patch. Whatat are the necessary steps that have to be taken on the servers to update this patch?.
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Old 03-09-2007
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Handle Autosys with DST Changes

Hi, I have one confusion regarding DST chnages which are going to happen after October. :confused: :confused: I have few jobs on Autosys which run as per Japan Time. they shoudl not be affected by switiching off of DST time. Our autosys instance server is based on UK which is running on... (0 Replies)
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2. Linux

my server is 1 hour behind after DST

Hello, I have linux server which is one hour behind after the DST change last week. I post some information below on the settings. any helpwould be helpful since I am newbie.. $ clock Tue 04 Nov 2008 03:12:26 PM EST -0.785549 seconds $more clock Tue 04 Nov 2008 03:12:26 PM EST... (2 Replies)
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3. AIX

Australia NSW DST

Hello. Our application is running on AIX box located in NSW , Australia. As DST starts on Oct 28th - Do you know IF AIX boxes have auto updates of day light saving times? IF not , how to do it? IF yes, where can I verify it? Thank you! (3 Replies)
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4. What is on Your Mind?

The Switch to DST 2007 --- How Did It Go?

We have been discussing the 2007 changes to DST (Daylight Saving Time) for some time now. We hope that everything went well. But did it? Let us know by voting or by posting your experiences here. The poll will automatically close in 45 days. (6 Replies)
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5. AIX


Just a quick last minute thing here. AIX 5.1. I ran the perl script referenced in the tutorials and found the AIX box is triggering DST on the 14th instead of the 11th. The 5.2 boxes come back with the right answers. The DST patches have been applied (or I'd have Apr 1st instead of the 14th). ... (0 Replies)
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6. SCO

Dst - V 3.6.3

Hello, Anyone know where I can find the DST updates for SCO Xdesktop 3.6.3? Thanks (0 Replies)
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7. SCO

DST script for 5.0.0

I checked SCO's site for DST fix for SCO 5.0.0 and there iis not one available. Can I run a script in the cron to read in and change the time? TiA (2 Replies)
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8. Solaris

DST on Solaris 2.6/7

I have several servers that are outside the country and are running Solaris 6 mainly with a few Solaris 7 boxes here and there. Because of that, we need to schedule time to change the time on March 11th and again in April, October and November. At least until the customer decides it's time to... (3 Replies)
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Patch-o-matic (patch for iptable) for linux2.4.08 & iptable1.2.7a

Hello friends I'm running Redhat 9.0 with linux kernel 2.4.20-8 & have iptables version 1.2.7a & encountering a problem that I narrate down. I need to apply patch to my iptable and netfilter for connection tracking and load balancing that are available in patch-o-matic distribution by netfilter.... (0 Replies)
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