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Solaris vs SunOS

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris vs SunOS
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Solaris vs SunOS

Hi Guys,
Could you please clarify me doubts.

SunOS and Solaris are they same. ?

What is difference between forte and studio ?

Nagaraj G
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Originally Posted by ennstate
Hi Guys,
Could you please clarify me doubts.

SunOS and Solaris are they same. ?

What is difference between forte and studio ?

Nagaraj G
SunOS was the initial Unix operating system of Sun.
It was a Berkeley (BSD) based Unix

Later it they switched to a System V based version which they called Solaris.

However they kept using the name SunOS as well.

SunOS 4.1.1B = Solaris 1.0
SunOS 5.0 = Solatis 2.0
SunOS 5.6 = Solaris 2.6
SunOS 5.7 = Solaris 7
SunOS 5.10 = Solaris 10
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Thanks for reply

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