rsh commands not getting executed from Solaris 10 System to AIX System

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Operating Systems Solaris rsh commands not getting executed from Solaris 10 System to AIX System
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Old 01-17-2007
rsh commands not getting executed from Solaris 10 System to AIX System

Hi Friends,

I am trying to execute rsh commands from Solaris 10 system to AIX system.

When I give;
Solaris10# rsh <hostname> ls -l , it gives me an error
rshd : 0826-826 The host name for your address is not known

At the same time,
Solaris10# rsh <hostname> ---- gives me remote shell of the AIX system

In my setup, I am able to use rsh commands from AIX to AIX systems & also it works fine from AIX to Solaris 10 system.

The only problem I am facing is from Solaris 10 system to AIX system.

Can somebody suggest me what is wrong & where....???

Note : The entries for Solaris 10 system is present in /etc/hosts, /etc/host.equiv & $HOME/.rhosts files on AIX system.

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Old 01-18-2007

its either your solaris address not right or username not registered in your AIX.

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Old 01-18-2007
The hostname & the user name are already present in AIX box. As I said I am able to get the remote shell using "rsh <hostname>" from Solaris box to AIX box. The only problem which I am facing is while running the remote shell commands like "rsh <hostname> date" etc from Solaris box to AIX box.

Note : Let me clear that from the same AIX box, I can run remote shell commands for Solaris system & even from all AIX box to AIX box, remote shell commands are working.

Kindly suggest if something needs to be done OR change at Solaris side.....

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Old 01-18-2007
So from Solaris you can rsh to AIX and get a remote shell, but if you try to run a command in your rsh string it doesn't work....

Can you run any command in the remote shell you get on the AIX box from the solaris box ?

solaris # rsh AIX-HOST

Then can you run commands in the shell ?
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Old 01-18-2007

Yes after getting the AIX remote shell using "rsh AIX-Host" command, I am able to run all the AIX commands on remote shell of AIX system.

Solaris10>rsh AIX-Host

AIX>ls -l
AIX>df -k

All the commands works fine.

Even I have tried by adding the host entry of AIX system in /etc/inet/ipnodes file on Solaris 10 system. As per the documents, in Solaris 10 system checks for /etc/inet/ipnodes prior to /etc/hosts. But then also I am getting the same error.

Solaris10# rsh AIX-Host df -k ----- it fails with an error;
" rshd:0826-826 -- The host name for your address is not known."

Can someone suggest is there anything needs to be change at Solaris 10 system side i.e kerborse security config files (krb5.conf) etc...???

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Old 01-18-2007
focusing on the error you get, It seems something related to name/ip resolution. Does that Sun box have more than one IP?

However, the fact that you can rsh and get a "login", makes it a little weird to me...
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Old 01-18-2007
Solaris box is running with a single ip only.
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