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nohup not working


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Old Unix and Linux 01-03-2007   -   Original Discussion by arsheshadri
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nohup not working


I am working in SunOS 5.8.
I wanted to run a script in background and I gave the following command, but it is not working.

I gave "nohup ksh ULOAD.ksh &"
It just came out giving a msg "Redirection or piping of stdin or stdout is allowed only with -b. (156)" in nohup.out file.

If I just try "ksh ULOAD.ksh &" without nohup it is working fine.

Can you tell me where I am going wrong?

Thanks & Regards
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Old Unix and Linux 01-04-2007   -   Original Discussion by arsheshadri
mr_manny mr_manny is offline
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why are you calling ksh before your script?

the following works for me....

create a test script:

-bash-3.00$ cat test.sh
echo "the current time is - `date`"

locate your nohup:

-bash-3.00$ whereis nohup
nohup: /usr/bin/nohup /usr/man/man1/nohup.1

and execute:

-bash-3.00$ /usr/bin/nohup ./test.sh &
[1] 16659
-bash-3.00$ Sending output to nohup.out

[1]+ Done /usr/bin/nohup ./test.sh

view results:

-bash-3.00$ cat nohup.out

the current time is - Thu Jan 4 09:05:37 PST 2007
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Old Unix and Linux 01-09-2007   -   Original Discussion by arsheshadri
sparcguy sparcguy is offline Forum Advisor  
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we had that nohup problem too, and we realise it's the ksh problem.

try this run a shell first followed by nohup


ksh or sh


nohup ksh <script>

then it shud work.
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