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ILOM Configuration in Galaxy x4100 server

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Operating Systems Solaris ILOM Configuration in Galaxy x4100 server
# 1  
MySQL ILOM Configuration in Galaxy x4100 server

Hai All

I rquire a small help for Galaxy x4100 server, when we are trying to sepup
ILOM through CLI it gives following error on commitpending=true steps.

set pendingipaddress=

Set 'pendingipaddress' to ''

-> set pendingipgateway=
Set 'pendingipgateway' to ''

-> set pendingipnetmask=
Set 'pendingipnetmask' to ''

-> set pendingipdiscovery=static
Set 'pendingipdiscovery' to 'static'

-> set commitpending=true
set: Invalid command syntax
Usage: set [target] <property>=value> [<property>=<value>...]

-> show


commitpending = (Cannot show property)
ipaddress = (none)
ipdiscovery = (none)
ipgateway = (none)
ipnetmask = (none)
macaddress = (none)
pendingipaddress =
pendingipdiscovery = static
pendingipgateway =
pendingipnetmask =

When we try to setup ILOM ip address through BIOS it displays message BMC
not responding.

Is there any recomended Bug fixing patch for this

# 2  
For This Issue I logged a call in SUN and replaced the Service Process Board.

Its Working Fine. Smilie

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