X4100 Bios RAID question

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Operating Systems Solaris X4100 Bios RAID question
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Old 11-24-2006
X4100 Bios RAID question

Hi there

the Sunfire X4100 has a great tool that you can get to from BIOS called the configuration utility which allows you to set up Disk mirroring (RAID 1) before the OS sees it, which is great and it works a treat, however, we have a large datacentre across multiuple sites and I need to find out if there is a way remotely that I can check if a disk has failed and switched over to the mirror or indeed just to confirm the mirror is up and stable and everything is ok? ...obviously it is not feasible to visit each machine with a monitor and keyboard then reboot it, just to check if all is OK

I know IPMI tool is used to probe hardware on x86 boxes and maybe this is what I could use? but thats just a guess

Does anybody know how I can proactively monitor the mirroring situation of these boxes remotely? the Sun documentation for these boxes gives no indication of a command line utility to check this stuff

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Old 11-24-2006
if you run solaris on the boxes, you could use the command "raidctl" to see the status of the raid...

i think that could also do the job:
Sun N1 System Manager

but with a x4100 sun server you don't need a monitor or keyboard anymore, you could use the ILOM virtual KVM, a java based web application... perhaps you can see the raid status in the ILOM (Integrated Lights Out Manager) web-page, i am not sure, couldn't find it..

regards pressy
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