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Relocating directory /export/home to a bigger filesystem

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Operating Systems Solaris Relocating directory /export/home to a bigger filesystem
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Old 10-11-2006
Relocating directory /export/home to a bigger filesystem

My 2GB /export/home/ directory is almost 100% full

df -k | grep /export/home
/dev/vx/dsk/rootdg/vl73 2031711 1951009 19751 99% /export/home

I intend to relocate it to a different 4GB filesystem late at night when there is no user on the system.

How do I go about it using ufsdump & ufsrestore ?

Kind Regards

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Old 10-11-2006
First off, you don't use ufsdump/ufsrestore - your filesystem is controlled by Volume Manager - all you need to do is grow the filesystem - see the man page for vxresize or vxassist.

From Sunsolve:

To resize a UFS (grow only) or VXFS file system using Volume Manager 3.x/4.x,
you can use the vxresize command via the command line. This command will grow a
file system AND its underlying volume.

Here is an example of the vxresize command in its basic syntax:

# vxresize -g diskgroup_name volume_name new_length

To determine the amount of space available for a resize, you can use the
vxassist command:

# vxassist -g diskgroup_name maxgrow volume_name

The new_length can be specified as either the total volume length, or as an
addition or subtraction to the current size:

# vxresize -g diskgroup_name volume_name +additional_space

You can also use this command to specify which disks to use for the resize:
To find the space available on these disks:

# vxassist -g diskgroup_name maxgrow volume_name disk01 disk02

# vxresize -g diskgroup_name volume_name new_length disk01 disk02

For additional restrictions on the use of this command please reference the
Veritas Volume Manager Administration guide for the version you are running.

For information on resizing a file system by the CLI for Volume Manager < 3.0,
see Infodoc ID 14881.
man page for vxresize
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Old 10-12-2006
Thanks alot
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Old 10-12-2006
if using vxassist you must make sure that you also grow the filesystem to match the new volume, use vxresize and you won't need to worry about that.

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