Ldom guest volumen problem t8 Solaris 11

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Ldom guest volumen problem t8 Solaris 11

hello to everyone. im new member here.

i have a problem with a guest ldom on solaris 11 sparc in a T8. I need to access to disk vds assigned to guest domain but from control domain.

I want to modify a parameter in inittab of the guest domain because start guest domain give me problems with other systems online

How Can i mount this volume in Control Domain?

The configuration in the guest domain is:

sys sys@primary-vds0 0 disk@0 primary

The configuration in Control Domain is:

rpool/ldoms 10G 38G 3K none
rpool/ldoms/sys 51G 4G 3G -

system disk of ldom guest are volumen of rpool:


Thank u for all.
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You wish to access rpool filesystem from guest domain on control domain at the same time ?

If that is NOT the case,...
You can stop the guest domain in question, and import the rpool with alternate name on control domain.

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Rpool is my root pool in the control domain. In this Control Domain we have two volumes zfs for two guest domains sysdata

In the Control Domain:

rpool/ldoms 10G 3G 31K none
rpool/ldoms/sys 5G 4G 3,0G -
rpool/ldoms/sys2 5G 4G 2,3G -

sys guest domain are stopped. sys2 is on online state. I need to mount rpool/ldom/sys in the control domain but i dont know. I need to mount for edit files initab and other in this filesystem. i have to mount zfs or virtual disk???

sys sys@primary-vds0 0 disk@0 primary

The configuration in Control Domain is:

system disk of ldom guest are volumen of rpool:


Thank u

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