Assigning proc_owner privilege to particular user in RBAC

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I do not think there is a "group_proc" privilege. You are going to have to set up sudo and and specifically allow those users to become the user that runs the application. But then they can "tink" with the application process.

sudo -
man pages section 1M: System Administration Commands
It is part of Solaris 11.

Suppose the app runs with appuser. sudo su - appuser is the command they would use. I assume they are already in the same group as appuser. Let's call that group "foo"

You will have read up on sudoedit and /etc/sudoers You grant the permission to become "appuser" based on the fact that they are only in the special group I mentioned, "foo". Actually appuser does not have to be in the "foo" group, but then you open up access to anything that appuser can do in its own group to these newcomers.
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priv_getbyname(3)					     Library Functions Manual						 priv_getbyname(3)

priv_getbyname() - convert privilege name to privilege ID SYNOPSIS
Parameters priv_name pointer to the string containing the privilege name. DESCRIPTION
converts the external (string) representation of the privilege name to the internal (numeric) privilege representation. RETURN VALUE
returns the following values: Successful completion. The value of the privilege ID is returned. Function failed. is set to indicate the error. ERRORS
sets to the following value if the corresponding condition occurs. Invalid privilege name. EXAMPLES
#include <sys/privileges.h> #include <sys/types.h> main() { priv_t privid; char *privname = "SYSNFS"; privid = priv_getbyname(privname); if (privid == -1) { printf(" Error getting privilege ID "); } else { printf(" Privilege ID : %d ",privid); } } SEE ALSO
priv_getbynum(3), priv_set_to_str(3), priv_str_to_set(3), privileges(5). priv_getbyname(3)

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