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How to remove pkg from zone in newly created boot environment?

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[SOLVED] How to remove pkg from zone in newly created boot environment?

fyi, I already have SR opened with Oracle.

We are looking to upgrade from S11.3 to S11.4 with the latest SRU.

Create new BE; success
Mount new BE; success
 pkg -R /mnt update

the updating of the global went fine until it touched local zone.

pkg: update failed (linked image exception(s)):


A 'sync-linked' operation failed for child 'zone:XYZ with an unexpected

return value of 1 and generated the following output:


pkg sync-linked: Package 'release/constraint/solaris-11.3' must be uninstalled or upgraded if the requested operation is to be performed.

  Reject:  pkg://solaris/release/constraint/solaris-11.3@0

  Reason:  No version matching 'incorporate' dependency entire@0.5.11,5.11-0.175.3 can be installed


    Reject:  pkg://solaris/entire@0.5.11-

    Reason:  Global zone has a newer version: pkg://solaris/entire@11.4,5.11-

I already attempted to uninstall the package from the newly created
boot environment but that didn't work. I did it with the command below;
 pkg -R /mnt uninstall /release/constraint/solaris-11.3

Any suggestions, I'll give you a piece of candySmilie

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What SRU of 11.3 were you running before the upgrade ?
Is that a kernel or native zone ?

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Not in-front of server right now but I believe the SRU was in mid/late 2018. As for the zone, it's not a branded zone but native.

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Was able to remove package from newly created boot environment below:
 pkg -R <<dir_of_mounted_be>> uninstall -r -z <<zone_name>> <<pkg_name>>

Example: You want to remove a package from within a zone in alternative boot environment?
 pkg -R /mnt uninstall -r -z chickens /barn/chickencoop/eggs

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