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How to combine c11 and c99 compilers?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to combine c11 and c99 compilers?
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How to combine c11 and c99 compilers?

I have a SPARC server with Solaris SPARC 10 OS installed
I am trying to compile source code from VLC media player and PHP 7 tarballs
However the stumbling block I encounter is that when I type in ./configure into my PUTTY terminal the GCC compiler tells me halfway through configuration that it needs C99 compiler.
I know that this statement enables the c99 compiler
  BUILDCC="/usr/bin/gcc -std=gnu99" ./configure

but by doing this I switch off the c11 compiler and so I cannot still complete a full configuration.
How do I switch on both C11 and C99 compilers and/or can I type in a command that will switch from one compiler to another whilst in the configuration process, as and when the gcc compiler needs to?
I thankyou for any feedback given
regards Smilie

Last edited by Neo; 05-11-2019 at 06:26 AM.. Reason: Added a code and icode tag as an example
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HI alphatron150,

Welcome to the forums.

Please use code tags and icode tags when posting code, commands, input and output text, etc.

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Couple points - Solaris 10 first came out before the C11 standards -- in January 2005. You may be getting the error not from the compiler, but from the package configure information, which expects C11 or whatever. Also most Solaris 10 boxes had /usr/bin/gcc as a symlink.

So please post the output of: gcc --version
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alphatron150 is posting in stack exchange and then cutting and pasting the same posts, but unformatted, here at

I am issuing an infraction for this behavior.

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