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Documentation on T5-4 Domain Configuration ?

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Operating Systems Solaris Documentation on T5-4 Domain Configuration ?
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Documentation on T5-4 Domain Configuration ?

In time I will be rebuilding a T5-4 which currently hosts S10 and S11.

I'm unable to find any documentation on managing, configuring -> installing solaris on domains. Even through
My Oracle Support, wasn't able to locate any useful documentation except diagrams of the server.

Unless my search terminology isn't "valid", some help would be nice.
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Does the attached PDF help?

Getting Started Guide
This guide describes how to install and power on Oracle's SPARC T5-4 server for the first time using the preinstalled Oracle Solaris OS.
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There's a quick and dirty run through of domain creation here.


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Thank you so much, this is what I was looking for !

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