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Disk alignment inside of an LDOM

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Disk alignment inside of an LDOM

Hi! Quick background for the question...

I have Solaris 11.4 control/primary zone with some LDOM's on top of it. I have some raw iSCSI LUN's presented to the control zone/primary zone from a NetApp, which I then pass up to the LDOM's via the VDS/vdisk. So basically the LDOM VM's see the disk as a local disk. (VM's are all Solaris 11.4). Disks are presented from the NetApp as the "Solaris" OS type (current Oracle docs say to NOT use "Solaris EFI" OS type regardless of disk size or partition type).

There are some best practices and docs out there from both Oracle and NetApp that require you to add some configurations to the vds.conf file to make sure disks are aligned.

I am able to align (and verify they are aligned via NetApp and zdb command) any new zpool's that I make on the VM, but here is the question...

How can I align the root pool? The root pool is created when I install Solaris, so unlike creating a new zpool where it takes the block settings from the vds.conf file, the root pool wont have these settings.

As it stands now the zdb command is telling me there is an ashift of 9 (instead of 12) and the NetApp lun alignment is saying "partial-writes".

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Worked with Oracle on this. Its not possible on a root pool. They updated the Docs to say so.

If you follow best practices and use other LUN's/disks/NFS mounts for your "busy" apps, like Oracle DB, you can align those (if they come from NetApp's).
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