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Solaris 11 SRU latest version

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Solaris 11 SRU latest version


During a host review session I was told to check if the engineers have been updating Solaris 11 OS regularly by verifying the SRU version of the system.

However i was having no luck in finding the latest SRU version number in oracle website for hours. I wonder did anyone here know where i can get the accurate updated SRU version number from oracle website or other reputable website? Thanks in advance
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That info is only available to customers with a support contract normally. If you do, its document 2433412.1.

Looks like the latest version is
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Hi rtmg

Thanks for your reply. My company did not purchase oracle support since we are acting like a 3rd party performing the verification for our client during the host review session. However i do register an oracle account, may i check how you access this document 2433412.1. on your oracle account? Does you have the url link where i can test whether i can access it using my oracle account?

Also thanks for the info on the latest version however this engagement will be in quarterly basis every year so i need to find a way to find this information every quarter from a reliable source.
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I can't post URL's since my account is new. Google the document ID, one of the first entries returned should be the Oracle support link to the document. I doubt it will work, as you normally need to link a support contract ID to the Oracle login account you created.
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Noted with thanks. Yeah find the document and i can't access it. Anyway thanks for your help and info
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