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Unable to login via console mode to non-global zone

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Unable to login via console mode to non-global zone

tldr; We've installed a non-global-zone from a unified archive which once booted, we're unable to gain access to the system either through zlogin or zlogin -C.

svc.startd[18693]: instance svc:/system/console-login:default exited with status 127

1) Already opened a SR with oracle which, they're taking their precious time with
2) Check'd 'svcs -xv' which there was a lot of issues; cleaned up from viewing the log of '/system/console-login:default'
3) First primary issue was due to a mounting of a zfs filesystem which we took care off, rebooted and the error message above disappears
3a) Once mounting issue was taken care of, 'svcs -xv' showed less issues.
3b) New issue had to deal with 'system/console-login:default' being something with "multi-user/single-user" which we are currently investigating

I know this does not provide a lot of information but, trying to keep information vague as possible. Also, the root password is verified and that's all I have to say about the password. We are also able to query services within the booted zone using Solaris querying and administrative features for zones with the commands below;

Within Global Zone;
#zoneadm <<zonename>> ps -ef | grep << services>>
#zoneadm <<zonename>> svcs -xv 
#zoneadm <<zonename>> ls -l /

*I'll get better a writing these posts

Thanks in advance,

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[SOLVED] Modify Root's Profile

Just wanted to give an update to my original problem;

There was some files in root's profile and in


After cleaning up the files which not needed be in there, we were successful
in gaining access as root.
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