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Sun fire x2270

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun fire x2270
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Sun fire x2270


I have purchaced an old SUn fire x2270 server .
I wanted to make ILOM upgrade to the latest version of software :

ILOM r126592
BIOS vers. 2.09

Server 2.2.3

Because my version is very outdated.

But i can't download the updatebecause it's require a number that i don't have and the seller don't have either .
The product is a real official product .

Is someone can help me and send me the files ? or explain me how to do ? Since i have the server on my hand i shouldbe able to access the basic update as well ?
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What number?
The serial number is printed on the box. (I think it's printed on a small white sticker at the front, consists of digits and letters; it's hard to read, use a magnifying glass.)
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Hello ,

Thank you SysSN: 0947XFF1CC

I'm stuck with very outdated Bios and ILOM

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With this number you can create an account in Oracle Web and download packages and patches.
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How to do this process ? Because i dont find any way it's asking for a number that i don't have ?

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It's asking for a support identifier that i don't have ...

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