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Umask permission

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So far you continued to explain things we all know... and so from my answer and the followings from my peers should have enlighten you on what is going on...
But to our questions you still havent replied though so simple:
when you run after connecting yourself to your system with the startsys account
Do you get the correct result :
1) after creating a file?
2) after launching your application ?
if here 2 is NO, we need to understand why, and here the above replies gives what to investigate...
And I highly recommend you reading throughout the man pages of umask as I dont think like others you understand what it was for and all its implications
No point going further until 2 here is settled...
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Originally Posted by Don Cragun
please show us the output from;
ls -l pathname

where pathname is the pathname of the file that startsys created?
And, in addition, also post the output of
ls -ld path

where path is the path without the filename, like this:

ls -l  /path/to/file
ls -ld /path/to

as eventually sticky bits of the directory could influence the ownership (note: this is NOT what the umask does!) of the file.

I hope this helps.


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