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How to find Total and Free Physical Memory and Logical Memory in SOLARIS 9

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Operating Systems Solaris How to find Total and Free Physical Memory and Logical Memory in SOLARIS 9
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How to find Total and Free Physical Memory and Logical Memory in SOLARIS 9


Im working on Solaris 9 on SPARC-32 bit running on an Ultra-80, and I have to find out the following:-

1. Total Physical Memory in the system(total RAM).
2. Available Physical Memory(i.e. RAM Usage)

3. Total (Logical) Memory in the system
4. Available (Logical) Memory.

I know vmstat is not the answer here.. Please advise what i should look into.

# 2  

swap -l
# 3  
MySQL vijay

Try prtdiag and swap commands. Smilie
# 4  

prtconf | grep "Memory"
# 5  
check Total physical memory:

# prtdiag -v | grep Memory

# prtconf | grep Memory


check Free physical Memory:

# top (if available)

# sar -r 5 10
Free Memory=freemen*8 (pagesize=8k)

# vmstat 5 10
Free Memory = free


For swap:

# swap -s
# swap -l

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